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Product Description

For the production of Eburneo wine, we use the Grechetto graes – both the classic variety and the Grechetto di Todi,plus Trebbiano Spoletino and Malvasia Bianca di Candia grapes.

The grapes are harvested from our vineyard surrounding the village of Spina, which is situated in rolling hillsides with a clay/loam terrain that is rich in lime.We continue to cultivate the vineyard using the low Guyot method, allowing us to create taller rows of vines with a larger active leaf area, to obtain a better quality of grapes.

Each type of grape if harvested and processed separately, since each variety has its own unique ripening cycle.
The grapes harvested by hand, are swiftly brought to the winery and lightly crushed. The must is immediately separated from the skins and left to ferment at low temperatures in stainless steel vasts (14/17°C).

Eburneo is bottled the following spring and made available for sale after a brief ageing period.