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Product Description

Our Cimaàlta is a blend of Montepulciano grape and Merlot grape. The proportions may vary from year to year as much depends on the vintage. The grapes are grown in the immediate sorroundings of Spina on sloping hills, while the soil is clayey and rich in limestone and silt. We continue to cultivate the vineyard using the low Guyot method, allowing us to create taller rows for vines with a larger active leaf area, to obtain a better quality of grapes.

Each of the two grape varieties is picked separately by hand as the best ripening periods are different. Grapes are gently destemmed and pressed before being collected in temperature-controlled (25-28°) stainless steel tanks where the fermentation takes place. After a few days of maceration, the must-wine is separated from the residue and the fermentation process is allowed to finish at a low temperature in order to enhance the fragrance of the fruit.

The Malolactic fermentation process is performed in November. In winter time the wines are blended in stainless steel tanks and become as one. Cimaàlta is bottled at springtime and it is refined in bottles for a short time before being ready for sale. Cimaàlta is a fruity wine and its characteristics are best represented during the early years. Serving suggestions: throughout the meal.